Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications are developed at a speed to meet deadlines which means best practices are frequently missed. Moreover, Mobile applications often collect and store sensitive user data. This leave user data at risk both in the backend server and on the Android or IOS devices. If a hacker compromises these data it will result in a business’s reputation damage, incur large fines and possible lawsuits.

By having vulnerablities in your Mobile Application, you could be:

  • Risking Massive Data Breaches
  • Violating Regulatory Compliance
  • Leaving Sensitive Client Information Exposed.
  • Risking Your Reputation and Your Company's
  • Incur Large Fines
  • Risking Possible Lawsuit

It is important to secure the critical Mobile Application your company relies upon to conduct business and to store proprietary and confidential information.

The Stakes are High

Certified Experts

Our consultants hold cyber security certifications such as SANS/GIAC GXPN, GAWN, GPEN, GWAPT, GRID, GCIH, OSCE, OSWP, OSCP, CEH, CREST etc.This means your hiring WORLD CLASS SECURITY EXPERTS to fight against Hackers trying to attack your infrastructure.

International Best Practices

We carry out each assessment by following international standards and testing methodologies, such as OWASP, NIST, and PTES, along with our unique and specific threat modellings to attain highest quality results

Well Documented Reports

Our report insights that are remediative and decisive to make your information security risk management program successful. We strive to provide more HELPFUL information instead of just MORE information.

Affordabe Cost

Peneto labs high quality assessments at a price that doesn't break your IT budget

Life has enough challenges.


We believe the security of your Mobile Application should give you complete confidence and fully protect your company's data , your client's data, and your reputation.



Federal bank
Birla capital
TNQ technologies

How we can help you to secure your Mobile Application

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Peneto labs offers Mobile Application penetration testing service where we simulating a real-world attack on mobile applications and platforms, with the goal to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. We work to ensure that issues are caught before they can be exploited by Hackers.

Your Path to

Avoid Security Breaches

Give us an appointment

This will allow us to understand your current challenges and align us with your vision and business compliance requirements.

Let Us Assess Your Mobile Application

Our certified experts carry out high quality audits to identify security gaps including high impact risks as a result we produce comprehensive reports.

Implement Our Recommendations

Our well documented reports with an executable remediation plan, followed by a detailed solution walk through and Q&A sessions helps your technical team to fix issues without any difficulties

Have Peace of mind

Avoid breaches, satisfy compliance requirements, and focus on your mission with peace of mind.