“Cyber Security breaches are costly,they can ruin your reputation,put your organization out of business or even get you sacked. At Penetolabs, We’ll discover the security gaps before the hackers do, so you can avoid security breaches and focus on your mission without being stressed"

PenetoLabs Private Ltd is an IT security and infrastructure provider with a regional focus and global reach. Our around-the-clock engineering talent and value-added services deliver peace of mind for our customers. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to allow them to innovate efficiently and remain secure.We are a solutions based company because we understand that when it comes to networking and cyber security, one size does not fit all.

Our specialties include Kill chain defence , Red Team penetration testing, hardware & application security assessments, and Blue Team threat hunting and incident response. Penetolabs strives to assemble the best and the brightest minds in information security.Our aim is to channel the collective talents of our team in providing actionable business focused information security consulting.

Our unique offerings and proven approach’s, coupled with a strong past experience and highly skilled professionals make PenetoLabs Private Ltd the smart choice.